Gulgong Events

There are a large number of Mudgee and Gulgong Events through-out the year. You can refer to the list below or you can visit the Gulgong Region website.

Take a special trip out to Gulgong on any of these events and enjoy the show that you will never forget!

Here are a list of events in Gulgong;

Date: Event:
4th Sat every month  Gulgong Markets in Coronation Park (if raining Memorial Hall)
16th April 2017  Rabbit Races @Gulgong Bowling Club
18th April 2017  Gulgong Show @Gulgong Showgrounds
25th April 2017  Anzac Celebrations in Anzac Memorial Park
30th April 2017  Canary Show
30th April 2017  POW Eisteddfod – Dance
19th May 2017  POW Eisteddfod – Speech & Drama
24th May 2017  POW Eisteddfod – Music
26th May 2017  POW Eisteddfod – Gala
9 – 11th June 2017  Henry Lawson Heritage Festival weekend
17th June 2017  Henry Lawson’s Birthday Party
25th June 2017  Bird Show
23rd July 2017  Bird Show
12 & 13th Aug 2017  Dog Show in Victoria Park
10th Sep 2017  Dog Show
16th Sep 2017  Camp Drafting
12th Nov 2017  Swap Meet @Showground
9th Dec 2017  Christmas Celebrations in Anzac Memorial Park
29th Dec 2017  1 January 2018 Gulgong Folk Festival